January 19, 2010

Heartfire Filigree

I am posting this from the hotel in Orlando from last Saturday. If I may be so bold as to look into the future, the plan for today (Tuesday) is my long day on the Cruise. I have my 6 hour class to teach: the Heartfire Filigree workshop. I have 5 of my brass wrapped hearts to demonstrate, and students will have their choices of which ones they want to make. I also have a sampler bracelet that they will make and as a secret extra project, I designed the necklace above, which can be made to be worn with any of the heart pendants they make in class! I really like it just on its own, but I think it will be extra fancy with one of the hearts below hanging from it! I made the kits available in candy red, metallic pewter, and jet black. I am excited to see how my students enjoy working with the brass and how their pieces turn out!

Tuesday evening is also the Bead Bazaar on the Cruise, which I am excited about... as a vendor and as a beader! I think it will be a busy and fun day... and what a way to teach a class: on a luxury cruise ship on the seas!

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