December 9, 2009

After Show Wrap Up

It has been a crazy few days. The Potters Market was a huge success both in general for the Market and for me personally! While I was working, I had come up with a dollar amount that I was striving for, and my actual sales DOUBLED that number! So I am quite thrilled and very happy that all my work paid off. Having help from my assistants KT and Brendan really helped, along with the moral support of Jeremy, *the awesome-est roommate/brother evar* and of course my sweetie Alex. It was a success, it was a ton of work, it was a lot of fun, and whew! I am glad it is over for another year.

I am starting to wind down and am looking forward to spending time at home and with friends for the holidays. I have a just a few days left before the end of the holiday rush to get a few more things listed on Etsy, in particular... I have some new ornaments and tiles listed in the Galleria, and will add a few more soon.


  1. OMGosh, I want that Queen of the Castle pendant!! My husband bought me a T-shirt 30 years ago that had a crowned cat sitting on her thrown with the caption "Because I'm the Queen, thats why". Ever since that has been one of my answers for everything. I'm gonna check Etsy. If its not there, please let me know how to get one!! Love it!!

  2. what a great piece~ and so very glad that the market went well, no, went terrific! your work is fab - you deserved it...

  3. Carol, It is in the Galleria shop, right here:

    Thanks so much!

  4. Melanie, I love that pendant! You just keep outdoing your self over and over again! Happy Holidays!!!1