November 16, 2009


I finally finished the smaller version of the Lotus Butterfly pendant. In a way that seems appropriate for a butterfly design (metamorphosis and all), I carved the smaller one from the large one. I just took half of a wing, and altered it from there. That saved me quite a bit of time. I have them finished in charms and links in a bunch of colors, and have them photographed, but its too late tonight to edit and do any listing. Soon, though!

In other major change news, over the weekend, we tackled a very difficult task of cleaning a very messy room of the house... the storage room in the basement. This little room was the catch-all for everything that I couldn't store upstairs. And it was scary. I couldn't even walk into the room anymore, it was just piled with stuff. Most of the items are display and packaging supplies... things I only need once and a while. After a show, I would usually just toss them into the room. It also was filled with a lot of my old ceramic work, much of which I have disposed of over the weekend. It was a very cleansing thing to do, and I was dragging my feet and being crabby about it, but Alex helped me and organized everything and encouraged me when I got overwhelmed. Now there is space to spare! I don't have a before picture (way too scary) but here is the after picture.
Next up in the great studio cleaning will be the craft closet in my bead room. But now that there is some space in the basement room, with an area for more shelving, I will have space to store the closet stuff! There are almost no more embarrassing and scary places in my house anymore! yay!


  1. Congrats!! I need my in-laws to move out of our mother-in-law suite before I can think of decluttering too much. I need to be able to convince my hubby to let me have the big bedroom as my studio since I have the smallest space in the house right now. In a year or two when he is done his degree, then we can get them to leave ;)


  2. The beads look great! Super nice.