November 25, 2009

Jaded Machine Necklace

This is another necklace that I designed for the new book Chain Style by Jane Dickerson. It is similar in style to another steampunk inspired necklace I made with round gears that was in Beads 2009... a variation in color and details. As this one was coming together, the repeating little green crystals reminded me of east Indian style beadwork, and it makes me daydream about the mixing of steampunk, Victorian era, and India.

I have added Jaded Machine to the Earthenwood Galleria, even though it is a hard one to think about saying goodbye to. I am sure it will go to a wonderful home that will appreciate it!

I have two sets of gear links like the ones in Jaded Machine; one in Acid Metal as shown and another in Desert Pine. I plan to list those in the Etsy shop tonight, after I finish with the holiday sale mixes.

Tonight at around midnight, I will be launching my big holiday sale! I will make a post here and send out a newsletter, so stay tuned. I hope to catch all of you early birds for some holiday shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving, All!

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