November 4, 2009

Double Challenge Prizes and New Listings

I promised yesterday that I would show the prize for one random winner who enters the Art Bead Scene November Challenge using an Earthenwood bead or component. Here it is! It is a selection of four of my newest beads, all in a pretty peacock color. The small Dragonfly Rising link is about an inch round. I love this new design and can't wait to do some beading with them! I also made a smaller version of the scarab, and made that a link too. I think it will make a cute bracelet, or a necklace with a little charm dangle. And this is the first time I have shown the new Heartkey and Heartlock pendants, which I really adore. I think they would be fun for a pair of friends, with one of each of them getting one and making matching friendship necklaces!

Tonight, I edited all my pictures and listed a bunch of new Dragonfly Rising pendants on Etsy, both small and large. I also listed the Spiralling Mayfly pendants. Whew that was a lot of work. I have pics of the new hearts to list next, but I am starting to fall asleep at the keyboard here!

All this hard work is leading up to my upcoming newsletter. I have my annual big sale planned, so I hope you will sign up for the newsletter to get the news! I only sent one or two emails a month, so it is a good way to keep up with me. To sign up, you can use the form on the homepage of my website.


  1. You have made such a great looking bunch of new beads. I love them all. I'll be entering your contest for sure. Its gonna be fun.

  2. These newbies are adorable! Great in green too!