October 22, 2009

Update and Help from Film Buffs

Hey! It has been a couple of days since I last blogged. I have been busy working on clay work for several orders, which I finished this afternoon (at least the wet work is done). I also appear to have caught a little cold, so I have been resting and watching movies and doing clay while working on the still secret new idea! I am totally re-energized with this, and I can't wait to show you! But first I need some help with research.

I have recently become very interested in film and movies. Not that it didn't interest me before... I like movies, of course. But I have recently begun to really think about them and how much they add to our lives. I have also been looking at film and movie theatre imagery and movie poster artwork, and have been feeling the romanticism of the cinema throughout time. It is a fun new source of inspiration for me!

I wanted to ask all of you who love movies for some help with finding links to good film sites. Blogs about movies, review sites, that sort of thing... share with me your favorites! This info will help me with part of the new project, which I promise to tell you about next week. Thanks in advance!

The image above is a filmstrip stamp that I ordered from Simon Says Stamps, which will work its way into some of the packaging and display for the new project. It's a Tim Holtz design... wow I love that guy! I got a few of his stamps and supplies, which is really great stuff.


  1. Imdb.com it is the BEST!!!!!! It stands for earth's biggest movie data base. Look up a favorite actor and it will tell you everything they have ever been in. Choose a favorite film and see everything about it, Cast, director info, writer info, awards recieved, plot, taglines & quotes, locations, trivia, goofs and soundtrack info. EVERYTHING!! I love it. I am a huge movie and TV fan. And yes they have all the info on your TV favs as well. Let me know if you try it. swopemelmel@aol.com

  2. http://www.rottentomatoes.com/ is a great site. Check it out!

  3. Not too intimate myself with the movie world other than as you said, letting the romance of the way it effects our lives envelop me sometimes... (I was weepy for Harry at the very opening of Deathly Hallows - and Dave of course looked at me and just giggle smiled, and rolled his eyes).

    I just wanted to comment that I'm so happy for you being able to take so many creative steps in your life, and being able to see all the little things and really think about them and let them inspire you...

    That's it... just a big hug really... No, it's not just my overactive pregnancy hormones either...

    Oh, and I do like the behind the scenes things too and have picked up some of these magazines at Borders:

  4. Marsha,
    Thanks so much for the encouragement! *hugs*

  5. If you're looking for information on older films, Turner Classic Movies has a great database. Their Facebook page includes a daily list of films, i.e. great films about young love. I have to limit my time on the TCM channel because it eats my brain and before I know it ive watched 4 movies and the entire day is gone.

  6. Thanks Stephanie and Andi. I would really love to watch more old movies. I am not as acquainted with the classics as I would like to be.