October 19, 2009

Secret Treasure

Today has been an odd day of constant movement, but I don't feel like I really did anything. Looking back, I know I did... I got quite a bit of stuff done, actually. Its sort of odd stuff though, bits and pieces here and there. It adds up, but it can be hard to see it as a big accomplishment. One of the small tasks I did was listing a set of beads, shown above, in my Etsy shop. Two sets, actually, as one was requested by a customer, and I made a few extra. These beads are the ones used in the Treasured Secret necklace design that was created by Jess Italia Lincoln that appears in the Best of Stringing Magazine special collectors edition magazine, shown below. It is a lovely piece, made with lots of Vintaj brass and glass beads along with my porcelain pieces. I love the asymmetry of the design and the way the bird is used as a toggle. I also love the combination of the pale milky glass and my pewter glazes against the brass. Nicely done!

Speaking of secrets and treasures, I have a little bit of both of those today! Yesterday, I was out on a lovely window shopping date with Alex and we came across some unusual materials in an unexpected spot. We both immediately knew we had to have them and spent much time picking out our treasures. They were plentiful and cheap items, and although we didn't know what we would be doing with them, we knew they would be a great crafting material. Today, I made a sample of something that we are going to start to make, and I am super excited about it. But alas, there lies the secret... because I don't want to show or tell any more about them until we are ready to sell them! It might turn into a little side business... just what I need! hehe. If only I had enough hands to keep up with my ideas. Anyway, keep checking back... I will reveal it someday soon, before the holidays!


  1. You always have me at hello with the keys... I can't get enough of them... and now that I have a boatload of new shipments I really need to CREATE something with them! Got the package yesterday...lickity-split! Thanks so much, Melanie! Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. Love this piece Melanie! I really like how you got that key to cross at the bottom. Looks very unique!