October 13, 2009

Product Playtime: Rings and Things Natural Beads and Components

I recently received some exciting beads from the fine folks at Rings and Things. As a Blog Partner, I was given the opportunity to choose something fun to use in my designs. With autumn here and my love of earth colors in high form, I decided to try some wooden beads. I have many, many earth toned beads in my collection, but they are mostly ceramic, glass, and stone. I really don't have many beads in wood or other natural materials. First on my want list were the Wooden Charm Connectors shown above. I love the detail in these laser cut discs! And the designs I chose are very contemporary and natural, which I think will look great with some of my own pendants (especially my newest line that is coming out this fall) After I ordered, Rings and Things announced some new Wooden Donuts, which I also would like to try next time I order. I already made one piece, the Woodland Mermaid, using the connectors, and am looking forward to making more.
I figured some accent beads to go with the wooden connectors would be good, so I picked out some Rudraksha beads. These unusual beads are the seed of a fruit and are used in traditional Hindu malas. I have always loved the look and texture of these beads! I also picked up a strand of round wooden beads that look a little like pumpkins or basketballs. I was impressed with all of these beads, as well as the rest of the selection of natural beads that Rings and Things has to offer.
Finally, due to a new FTC ruling, I need to specifically mention some info about the items I have blogged about here. I will be adding this little statement to some of my future blog posts, since I sometimes use items that are given to me from some of the companies that I associate with, and I need to mention when I am given free products for the purpose of blogging and review.

All items in the previous post, specifically referenced as from Rings and Things, were provided as promotional gifts by for review or design partnership purposes.

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  1. Those are very nice laser cut wooden charms.

    Jon @ WoodMarvels.com