October 25, 2009

My Studio Today

Well, it wouldn't be an Open Studio without some pictures of the studio! My studio space has been changing quite a bit lately. I tend to not like to be confined to one space, and I tend to clutter up spaces if I have them designated for work. I like to be mobile and work on various trays and move them throughout the house. Today is a big glazing day, so I cleaned off the kitchen table, and started organizing. This is what I started with this morning... a tray of bisque from the kiln, my laptop all set up, some of the glazes I need, water and paintbrushes, and of course my mug of coffee!

I have many face stones to glaze for a couple of large orders today. In the tray above, I have them sorted out into little piles by style, and then I have to sort them by glaze. Then I can start painting the glaze on. I will be ready for that part soon! My plan is to get it all done so I can load a kiln this evening.

Here is a little sneak peek of some new items! I have a new butterfly mold that I am excited to test, a few variations of the new key, lock, dragonfly and scarab pendants that I need to mold, a new signature stamp, and two new heart carvings that I will show later today! Yay for new stuff!


  1. FUN! I love seeing the work in progress!

  2. Love the sneek peak! And I love that you work all over the place - depending on what I am working on, I am either in my office or the bedroom - I find my desk works best for stringing/wirework/polymer clay beadmaking (now that I'm addicted to that, too), but I've always found the bed (with its tall headboard) comfy for seed beading because it's good support for my right shoulder.

    I like getting these glimpses into how you guys do things :o)

  3. Thanks for the insight into your "studio":) I myself have tried to have a designated studio space and found it just didn't work for me. Clutter, like you said. And I like having my work integrated into my life;)

    I love your work! Such vibrant designs and colors. You do such lovely work:)

  4. HI Melanie,

    Love the new dragonfly stuff. I just got through working the International Furniture Market in the showroom I manage, Dale Tiffany. A stained glass lighting company patterned after Louis Comfort Tiffany's lamps. Of course, dragonflies are everywhere in my showroom.

  5. How is the glazing going?
    Can I ask a question about your molds? Are they porcelain? I usually use pottery plaster for my tile molds, but wondered what works best for small work with extreme detial like yours...

  6. Thanks for all of the comments and questions!

    Jenny, hehe, the glazing has not started yet, unfortunately. I got caught up in this blog event and lunch. But after lunch!

    I also use plaster for my tile molds, and have used it for bead molds too, but I prefer to use bisqued porcelain for my bead molds now. I like that I can go in and carve them for more detail. Later today, I have a post and some links about my molds, so come back!

  7. Thanks Melanie - look forward to it. I also am caught up in this and not getting much work done... ;-)