October 6, 2009

Friendship and Other Random Thoughts

One of the things I have come to love about my job is how flexible I can be with my time, and how portable my work can be. On more than one occasion, like today, I have been able to take part of the day off or travel with my work in order to help a friend. I can bring my sketchbook or a spool of wire and pliers, and spend time sitting in a waiting room. Its actually something I enjoy. Um, not my friends getting sick and hurt... but being forced to sit and sketch. My sketchbook and pencils are tools that I don't use enough, but I have been carrying them around with me much more lately. I have even been carving from the drawings! So forcing myself to sit still and just doodle is great. Plus it is good to be able to be there for friends.

Speaking of friends, I also wanted to share a picture of the Love Bird Necklace, by my very talented friend Jean Campbell, which uses one of my heart pendants in metallic pewter. I noticed this piece in the recent issue of Creative Jewelry at the bookstore. It is a beautiful magazine! I was reminded of it today when I got my Beading Daily newsletter, because Creative Jewelry is now available as a full download on the Interweave online store!

Well, that's all the rambling randomness for today. Time to turn off the computer, make my buddy with the hurt back a grilled cheese sammich, and make some beads tonight.

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  1. Thanks for the mention, Melanie! It's so much fun to make things with your work...it's like magic how things come together so easily when I start with one of your focals...