October 2, 2009

ArtBeads Artistry: Crystal Week: Woodland Mermaid Necklace

Align Center Finally, I am at the end of my Crystal Week with one final necklace to show. I used a Sprig Coral Pendant from Art Beads as the seed of inspiration. It is a lovely transparent tan color called Crystal Golden Shadow. Of course, I love brown, so it was pretty easy for me to start working with. I like the twig-like shape of it, so I paired it with some great laser cut wooden discs from Rings and Things with branch designs cut into them. But I wanted to make sure to use more pastel spring colors with the browns. I chose to use one of my mermaid beads and a seafoam bubble bead, both with seafoam coloration, and I used pale aqua crystal beads in transparent and opaque to accent them. Then I contrasted with a bit of lime crystal, for a little something different. The asymmetrical design seemed to come naturally as I designed it. Perhaps breaking from symmetry comes easier with practice!

I hope you have enjoyed seeing the pieces I made for Crystal Week as much as I enjoyed making them! Next week I hope to show you some new goodies I received for a new blog challenge, along with some pictures and thoughts about the new carvings I have been doing.


  1. Did I tell you yesterday that each one was better than the last? Well, this one is no exception! I love them all, but I think that the assymmetry and the woodsy yet springy feel is so wonderful here. I like that you used the coral crystal as a branch. I like it better as that motif! Well done, Melanie!
    Enjoy the day!

  2. Oh wow, that is FABulous!! I just love the balance, colors and creativity!!

  3. Crystal was very much enjoyed by me. Thanks for sharing your talent. The necklace has great color and design. Love it.