September 21, 2009

Shaping Up and Shipping Out

It's Monday morning and I am waking up late and having my coffee, planning my day. I was looking forward to my Punk Fitness class today, but sadly, it was canceled. What a bummer. I guess I will check the website to see if there is something else I can take in its place. Maybe I will use the money to go and buy Wii Active, as I have been enjoying Wii Fit so much. Or maybe I will look into that fitness center I pass on the way to the post office. I am determined to get in better shape, slowly but surely. Oh, and dang it, I didn't see the hula hoop guy at the fair yesterday either! I will have to make my own, I guess!

Let's see, now my day looks a little different with these changes, so it's time to replan. I need to do some glazing today and some shipping. I listed a bunch of new charm and link pairs and bead assortments in the Etsy shop last night, as I am continuing with the studio cleaning. They have been selling very well, which makes me happy! I am looking ahead to a bead show in October, and I am getting a little nervous because I don't have much inventory, so it might end up being a whole table full of studio clearance. I guess instead of spring cleaning, I am in an autumn cleaning frame of mind. So I will continue to get my assortments together and list them on Etsy, and then pull them from the shop right before the show.

I have officially moved my shipping area back to the dining room, and I am happy with it again. It allows me to work when I have friends over instead of being locked away in my bead room. Also, I still hope to have some help with shipping someday, so it is set up for that when I need it. I was able to get my brother's printer to work with my laptop, so it is a pretty streamlined task at this point. Anyway, enough babble... it's time to get to some work!

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