September 16, 2009

More Works in Progress and Inspiration from Biology

I am moving along with the new designs! I spent a couple of hours yesterday sketching and researching, and I am really happy with this new dragonfly design (the bottom one). I can't wait to start carving it! It was too late last night, and I knew I would never sleep if I started, so instead I worked on yet another variation of the scarab carving I did a few months ago. This one has a background that is more interactive with the scarab itself, with a sort of Egyptian/Art Deco sort of feeling to it. I want this series of insects and wildlife carvings to reference historical art styles. Hopefully the historical inspiration will tie the series together and make them interesting.

Another bit of inspiration has been entertaining me lately, the work of nineteenth century scientist/biologist/illustrator/artist Ernst Haeckel. I discovered his work Art Forms in Nature when I was in college, and it had a big influence on my work then. I recently rediscovered his work because I found a documentary about him called Proteus. I had originally fallen in love with his illustrations on a purely aesthetic level, but this documentary taught me more about his life and influence on the world of science. He is a rather controversial figure, it seems, because of his ideas and works having to do with evolution. It's fascinating stuff! But mostly I love to look at his gorgeous drawings of Radiolaria and other sea creatures. Here is a short video with images of his work that I would like to share with you:

And one more thing! Thanks to Skennedy for my new banners for the blog and the Etsy shop! They look awesome!


  1. Love, love, love the dragonflies and the new scarab!

  2. Love the new dragonflies and scarab. Thank you for sharing the video. The artwork of nature from that time period is just amazing isn't it?!

  3. I can't wait to see these designs brought to life! Nature is truly inspiring..


  4. Beautiful dragonfly and scarab! Can't wait to see the finished work.

    I have Art Forms in Nature. It's one of my most beloved art books and is brimming with inspiration. (Love those jelly fish!)

  5. Isn't it wonderful what is all around us, to inspire and delight - what a talented man he must have been - thank you for the video, and I look forward to the new work. I will endeavor to be as inspired in my own!