September 9, 2009

More links and random thoughts

I spent today editing pictures for the Etsy shop. This time, I have lots of pairs of charms and links to list, which go really well with the accent pairs that I listed yesterday. Most of these pieces are things that I am discontinuing and moving on from, and it feels really good to be cleaning up and finding homes for these. I have listed about half of the charms and links, and then took a bunch more pictures this morning of some Halloween listings. Those will be a lot of fun, but I wanted to get these older beads done first.

Speaking of cleaning, I made some progress in the studio/shipping migration. Mostly just moved one messy pile of stuff from one room to the other. I think it will be a better working situation once it all gets done. Not much else going on. I have been trying to work on exercising more, and it has made me a bit tired. I actually napped today, which is rare for me. I am looking forward to doing some work in the kitchen tomorrow...maybe figuring out the food dehydrator and the bread machine that I borrowed from my mom. I am looking forward to the Renaissance Festival this weekend, although I don't know if I will have time to do anything costume related. I might have more fun just going and people watching and being comfortable.

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