September 11, 2009

Lending a Hand

So today I had a friend come over to help me work! And we actually worked (not just making pudding shots instead, like we did last time we planned a work date). It was great to have an extra set of hands, and we concentrated on getting some jewelry assembled and carded. We were super productive and the two hours seemed to zoom right by, at least for me. We chatted, took phone calls and text messages, and looked at stuff online, while listening to music for a while... it was barely like working at all. Except my hands are a bit sore now. But that's ok because I feel like I did two or three times as much as I would have done on my own, because we were concentrating. I will be taking tomorrow off to the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and i am really looking forward to the break.

Speaking of hands, I uncovered some "vintage" Earthenwood pendants, many of which have cast metal hands contained within them. Several years ago, I made a series of these colored stoneware boxes. I really enjoyed the precision of making the boxes, carving out the centers, firing them, and tumbling them to give them a super smooth finish. I added metal and other materials to them to fill the boxes, usually with a focus on hands and goddesses. They were very popular but became too time consuming to continue making. I recently found some of these Stoneware Collage Boxes while cleaning the studio, and wanted to offer them on Etsy! I have three listed now, and plan to add more later.

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  1. oh wow! I really really love this piece. It may be time consuming, but sometimes it can be worth it for such a special, personalized piece. The colours are just so perfect together. Nicely done.