September 2, 2009

Last chances and new beginnings

I have been going through my collection of bead inventory and discovered these Toolbox Treasure links that I never listed in the Etsy shop. I made many pairs of them and sold almost all of them at the Bead & Button show, but never got around to stocking and listing more of them. They can be found in the Toolbox Treasure section.
And speaking of Toolbox Treasures, I have put the remainder of the original batch of large pendants on sale for a very short time only! I will be stringing these up and sending them off as necklaces to a gallery tomorrow, so if you have had your eye on one, now it the time to get it! It will be gone forever by tomorrow afternoon. Just for tonight, they are on sale for $30 each, and you can find them all in my Etsy shop.

In other news, I have been getting things done and feeling more caught up, and have even been thinking about new work a little bit. In an effort to speed up production, I bought a food dehydrator, which I intend to use to dry my beads (after I try dehydrating some fruits to see how I like it). I hope it works... either for the food or for the clay! What a handy machine!

Also, yesterday I had the pleasure of attending a meeting for the I3Detroit hacker space group. I was mostly there to research for programming ideas for Penguicon, but I found the group to be very energizing and full of great ideas. Looks like they are ready to jump into getting a physical space, and I was so pleased to be able to sit in on their business conversation and thought process about selecting a space. I will definitely be keeping in touch and watching out for these guys... I think they have some real possibilities in their futures.

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