September 30, 2009

ArtBeads Artistry: Crystal Week: Furnace Fire Necklace

Brr! The weather turned a little chilly today! I even turned on the furnace for the first time to prepare for the time we night need to turn on the heat... which might be tonight! Anyway, it seems appropriate that the new design that I have to show today is based on fire and furnaces. The Steam Stone in the center was inspired by steampunk movies that feature ovens and furnaces, and the Rusty Engine glaze color is so warm and reminds me of fire. I paired the Steam Stone with some Steam accent bead in a matching glaze, and added Swarovski crystals in topaz and red crystal pearls, copper accents, Vintaj brass centerpiece, and a Green Girl shibiuchi clasp.
Of course, the main inspiration for the whole piece was the Swarovski crystal Rock Pendant in Topaz from Art Beads. I started with the crystal, and wire wrapped it with some Vintaj brass wire, in sort of a freeform way, layering the wire wraps to make a sort of primitive and rough looking pendant. I really love this Rock Pendant... I think it is my favorite of all the crystal pieces I got from Art Beads to play with.

Well, it's past midnight now, and I am sleepy and a little chilly. Time to snuggle up in bed with the doggie and get all warm and zzz...


  1. very very cool work here! I love the fire element through the piece. great job. I especially like that vintaj piece you picked up... very very cool!

  2. That crystal has a fire to it... but what is so great is that you are showing the versatility of your art beads, the warmth of the Vintaj components and the great pop of color with the crystals. Thanks for your inspiration today! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Christine RitcheyFriday, October 02, 2009

    Gorgeous necklace! It looks earthy, firey, and warm. A perfect necklace for Fall and Winter. I love that crystal too. Think I'll go buy me some! *-> Layering the wraps is very effective and I've never seen it done intentionally before. Perfect color palette and beautiful craftsmanship!

  4. LOVE the way the SteamStones look in this piece!

  5. Cool Ware! I love it. Your work is always fun and interesting. Honey, I live in Minnesota and have had the furnace on for a month now.