September 28, 2009

ArtBeads Artistry: Crystal Week: Fairy Wings Necklace

It has taken me some time to clear out a space for my new beading area in the studio and get down to work, but I finally got a chance to play with the delightful Swarovski crystal pendants that I received last month from Art Beads. Part of the reason it took me so long is that when I picked out the beads, I had several projects in mind instead of one major project. I have been a busy beader the past couple of days and I want to share the things I made with you this week.

The first piece I used was the Dragonfly Pendant in Crystal Satin. I really like this wing shaped bead, particularly the asymmetry of it. It is a very weighty bead with a large hole, and the shape looked like it would be perfect with my little fairy beads as a suggestion of wings.

I wired together a large pendant with the crystal pendant, a leaf, and a fairy bead and attached them to a large Vintaj butterfly filigree piece. Onto that, I layered a Swarovski crystal button and a Vintaj leaf. For the necklace, I used heavy bronze SoftFlex and wired it in and out of some Czech Picasso brick beads, brass beads, and colored crystal pearls (detail below).

Clearly, I was in an autumn woodland fairy kind of mood! And working in the browns and greens and bronzes was a good way for me to warm up to this beading session. But of course, I want to be able to submit these new designs for magazines, and the editors are probably looking for spring and summer looks right now, so I tried to keep that in mind in the next piece I made. Come back tomorrow to see it!


  1. Oh gosh! I love that necklace soooo much! The faerie head looks adorable atop the wings :)

    I also have a wing pendant coming from Artbeads... in fact, it might be in today's mail :D

  2. I see you have been tripping the light fantastic in the faery woods, my dear. I love the way that crystal looks like the wings for the little face. So fanciful and free. Loving it! Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Better late than never! This is a wonderful piece that you've put together :-)