August 14, 2009

Website Changes

After a white knuckled afternoon fighting with my website program which was acting wonky, I finally got my retail website up and running again. I do not like when my website is not functioning for a prolonged period of time, and I was rather frustrated with it not co-operating with me, but I was able to get it done somehow, and I am feeling good about the changes.

I have been wanting to make these changes for some time now, drastically reducing the options on the site in favor of a streamlined selection of best sellers. I will actually be streamlining even more in the next month or so. The reasoning for this is because my wholesale production schedule is so demanding, I haven't been able to work on new designs, and that is really creatively stifling for me. Don't get me wrong, I am grateful to have the work, but I sometimes end up feeling like a one person factory. The streamlining will bring some efficiency to my process, I hope, which will free up some of my time for developing new things. And while I know my customers love to be able to buy the same things from me, year after year, I hope that they will understand this need to eliminate some old work so I can work on new and exciting things.

That said, I did include a few additions to the site, along with the many subtractions. I added the black and red hearts above to the Steam Stone page. I also added 4 new (well, old) face cabachon designs (see below)to the Face Stone page. And I brought back the Moon Face beads and combined them with the Fairy Face beads, as people seem to be asking for them again and Google has led many visitors to me to find them.

The wholesale site is remaining the same for now, but that may see some streamlining too. Some of the items that I have removed will not be gone forever, but they will be offered in limited quantites when I have them in stock. My intention is to list more things in the Etsy Shop when I build up inventory.

I am curious to hear your thoughts about these changes, particularly if you have shopped the retail website before. Good or bad, I am interested in your comments.

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  1. I noticed this the other day when I logged on to your site to buy more button charms and saw they were gone, as well as some of your color options. Sure, I was a little disappointed but I understand. :)

    And I am VERY excited to see that you are now on Fusion Beads!! Congrats!