August 19, 2009

Rings & Things Product Playtime: Risks

I want to finish my thoughts here on some recent experiments that have been happening around the studio with the copper blanks I got from Rings and Things. Today's examples were not done by me, they were done a few weeks ago by Alex, when one day I gave him a handful of the blanks and said "have fun!". We had the pewter and ceramic gear molds out from the experimentation we had been doing with casting pewter, so it seemed a natural move to blend the two. He used some of the copper discs, some with holes, and some without, and placed them into the ceramic molds. He then melted some pewter and poured it into the molds. It was really neat to see how the pewter flowed around the copper, sometimes to fill part of the mold below, sometimes oozing around the holes in the copper. I don't know if these experiments will lead into anything for me or for Alex in our works, but it was worthwhile for him to take a risk, just to see what would happen.
Speaking of risks, yesterday I was feeling a little scared and unsure about all the changes that I know I want to make in my business and life. But I was also feeling strong and knew that it was time to start taking these risks. Fear can be good, when it protects you from danger, but sometimes, to be too fearful of change that you stay the same to avoid it can be more destructive. I have learned this lesson the hard way, and too often. So I started to move past it and get to work. I listed a bunch of things in my Etsy store, which is a tool that I am planning to use more in my desire to make more one of a kind pieces instead of so much production work. It was a very successful choice yesterday, and I think it was my best selling day on Etsy ever. This gives me some confidence that this is a good choice, and that my customers will follow me there and be supportive. I am feeling very pleased today, with a sense that I am moving in the right direction, and I thank all of you for supporting me through this time of change!


  1. You can take risks, or you can play Risk...I see which one is more profitable :) Thanks for these inspiring words, Melanie!


  2. Your experiments are surely an inspiration. I am so excited for you and your new opportunities. You cannot experience growth if you are not willing to take risks. I am in a similar place and I want you to know that your words have found me when I needed them. Thank you! I look forward to your Etsy shop (and that is one of my risks I need to take too!) Enjoy the day! Erin

  3. Interesting the way these turned out! I can see them potentially working their way into your pieces...

  4. You're fearless. Change can be scary for some and inspiring for others. I love the look of your experient.

  5. I've been enjoying watching you grow as a person and an artist and have seen you change and grow as both. Although I'm thrilled that you landed that huge production job, I'm even happier that you've decided to allow yourself some playtime. I love the experiments! Change is scary, but staying in the same place won't get you anywhere. Besides, standing in one place gets boring after a while! I know that you're too sensible and too good an artist to make many mistakes. I see great things for you in my crystal ball! AND you've got tons of people who care about you and love your work, and we're all rooting for you. How could you possibly fail with all this going for you?