August 11, 2009

Playing around the Studio

Well, I have not been able to play in the studio too much lately, but others have! So I thought I would show some of the things that are going on around here! Above is a group of pendants made by my buddy Sheryl's two kids, Little B and Big B! They did a great job, and loved playing with the glitter and paper and stuff. I did the messy work of the resin while they weren't here, but otherwise, they did all the work themselves, including the hammering and dapping of the metal!
Sheryl made three things that day too! In between keeping the girls busy and chatting with me, she made these three cool pendants. They look even cooler in reality, because the resin amplifies the glitter. I love the one on the left, a cut out bit of a map, with a little gear and shiny stone where Detroit is! I didn't notice this until they left and I was pouring the resin, but I love it! What a great way to celebrate our hometown in a subtle sort of way. The bunny with the gear is really cute too!

And something a little bit different here... Alex just poured this pewter medallion tonight for his costume for ConStruct. Within about an hour, he roughly carved the design into a piece of wood, and then melted the pewter and poured it right into the wood. He called it Neanderthal Casting. Which is perfect for the costume that he is working on, a replica of the 1980's Conan the Barbarian movie costume. I hope to work on my silly little costume soon, too.
Even if I can't do fun new crafty stuff myself right now, I do love seeing it happen all around me. It's fun to know so many crafty people who will share their time with me!

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