August 9, 2009

New Treasures and Extra Links

I have been meaning to post this picture of some delightful gifts I have received recently! When I visited with Heather of Humblebeads, she gave me some of her new beads that have come out of her recent play sessions! One is a polymer link with her classic designs set into a brass bezel, another is a charm made from a hand domed disc set with her polymer, and the other is a copper plate with a key etched into it! I love them all! The fourth item in the picture is a borosilicate marble that my brother's friend Robbie gave me when he was visiting. It's a tiny little treasure.

I sort of envy the materials that Heather works in sometimes. Polymer seems so direct and intstantly satisfying. It takes me so long to make new stuff in ceramic clay. Don't get me wrong, I love porcelain, but I just get frustrated sometimes with how long the process takes. I have many ideas but just don't seem to have the time to work on them.

Now that my big order is done, and my other ones are nearing completion, I feel a sense of relief. And also some excitment that I have a little time to work on new things. But there is this window of time that I fight with motivation. I want to rest for a day or two, to re-energize, but that makes it harder to jump into the next thing. Also, I have so many ideas, I get a little frazzled with what to do first, when I have a little time to play. It can be so overwhelming that I end up not really doing anything! That's one of the drawbacks to being a production bead maker, for to spend my time between production and coming up with new things. I have been wondering lately about these things, and how to change my business so the extremes are not so intense and production and playtime and idea development are more balanced in my work. I don't really have the answer yet, but I keep thinking about it...

For now, I leave you with this week's Extra Extra links:

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  1. wow, the link with the polymer clay is beautiful! I love the idea of mixing the bezel with the clay... fabulous!