July 16, 2009

Major Detours

Here is one more picture from the taping of Beads, Baubles and Jewels. I look pretty calm here, considering that I am about ready to get filmed. The host, Katina, was really great and put me at ease, so it went pretty easily. I just talked to her about stuff I love!
Last night was pretty crazy! I was about a half hour away from home, at a meeting/party for Construct. Just as Alex and I were getting ready to leave, my friends told us about a tanker explosion VERY near my home. My friends can be practical jokers, so I didn't believe them right away, but as we were driving back, it became clear that it was all over the news radio and people were calling me about it. We decided to try to get to my house, taking the long way around. We were able to get there without too much of a problem, and saw the black smoke billowing as we got closer to my street. Scary stuff! We got to the house, grabbed some stuff and the Zoey dog, and I headed to my parents house and Alex headed home. Leaving was more of a challenge, recalculating around the major freeway intersection, but we both made it home. Traffic is going to be a mess around my house for quite a while, as the whole bridge collapsed, and trying to get anywhere from home will be pretty tricky, so I am glad to keep the Zo here at my parents house, and I am going to take off out of town on a little trip.
I am going to head back home to pack up some stuff, and then drive on out to the west side of the state to meet with Heather of Humblebeads and her family! I took this trip last year and had a blast! There will be beach, beads, and fun! I just wanted to check in and let you all know that I am ok, and will be offline for the next few days.


  1. Have fun! Tell Heather I said Hello!

  2. So happy you guys are ok! It's scary to be so close to something like that... Travel safe and enjoy this unexpected detour of a vacation...

  3. Melanie my Mom was telling me this morning about the tanker explosion by your house. I am glad to hear you are safe. Everyone is looking forward to your visit.

  4. What excitement!
    Give Heather a big hug for me!
    Enjoy the day!

  5. Glad you are Zoey are safe. Have fun with Heather!

  6. Wow, that is very scary! So glad that you and yours are alright. I hope things will have calmed down a bit when you get back from your wonderful visit with Heather and her family :)