July 27, 2009

Friendship Lock and Key

Here are two more of the new resin collage pendants. I really love these. They are made from oval blanks from Vintaj that I domed, one with a key and one with a lock. Both have a paper leaf behind the brass charm, and they are filled in with clear resin. I kind of like the idea of a pair of lovers or two friends wearing these necklaces, sort of like those best friend charms, but a little more subtle and grown up.
So I have been working on my big order still, and the end is sort of in sight, finally. AND I wrote and sent off two projects for a super secret project that I needed to finish by the end of the month. I have been swamped with deadline after deadline lately. It's not bad, it just gets a little tiring when it is all at once. I was glad to have the resin playtime, but when I get in production mode and need to work, but am wanting to play more, I tend to get myself into a little bit of shopping trouble. So I have an order from Rings and Things and ArtBeads on the way (and already received my FusionBeads and Vintaj orders, hehe), as well as a really cool find from a rubber stamp store that I will blog about when I get the shipment. When I get a day or two to play... look out! I will have the supplies at hand and the ideas are bursting out, so I will have a bunch of new stuff to share! For now, though, I have to hold on and finish these loose ends...

Both pendants are available in the Earthenwood Etsy shop

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  1. Very handsome stuff -- how neat to see you moving into resin work. You've created something special here.