July 23, 2009

Fairy Ring and Leafy Mayfly Resin Collage Necklaces

Here are a couple more pictures of the brass and resin pendants I made last weekend during my playtime. I am starting to list them over in the Earthenwood Etsy shop. I have made them all into pendants on faux leather cords, and I think they are very stylish and wearable. I do think I will need to take some new pictures, perhaps under sunlight instead of my light set-up that I am using now. I just haven't had time or sun to do so.
I have ordered more brass blanks from Vintaj and some Ice Resin, and am excited to get them so I can play more at home, with more of my stuff. I have started collecting bits and pieces to use with them... things I have been holding onto for a long time that can now find a home. It is refreshing to work on these sorts of things that cannot be easily reproduced. I do enjoy production work, but the unique creative playtime is much needed lately.
I am working diligently to finish a bunch of stuff, all with a deadline at the beginning of next month. I am coming along well with it, its just slow and tedious work. I also have been watching as my kitchen is getting closer and closer to a finished state, because of my awesome brother/roomie! I have a full day of work to do tomorrow, and then a fun weekend planned ahead, so I will wish you a great weekend, and will talk to you next week! I hope to continue to list more of the new Resin Collage necklaces to Etsy tomorrow, so keep checking back there for new stuff!


  1. Loves them - am so happy for you to finally be getting the recognition you deserve - peace

  2. I love the tutorial for transforming Vintaj blanks into bezels. Are you using a Vintaj blank for the pendant pictured? It looks like a prefab bezel.

  3. Ruralrose, Thank you! That is very kind of you!

    Bead Your Habit, Yes those are both Vintaj blanks... the ones with the loops. I domed them with a wooden dapping block. I will try to do a tutorial when i get my own block and have my next playtime!

  4. I love these necklaces. I haven't tried resin yet but am gearing up to do so and hope my results are as amazing as yours!

  5. Isn't it just too much fun to do? I need to have more time to play with this myself. I have been using the ICE Resin since the 2008 B&B show....it is great stuff. I have been also using Gel du Soleil since it cures in just 20 minutes. I have a packrat mentality and now I can put that to good use! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall at your creative session...what fun! I think that I would actually do more of it if I were able to have some fun with some girls. Have a great weekend!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. Maybe we should have a reunion us girls and dedicate the time to blanks, bezels and resin. We can call it BBR Playtime!
    Erin I have never heard of Gel du Soleil. Do you like it? How does it differ from ICE?

  7. Erin, Yeah the playdate was really a good form of motivation for me to try something new. You are in Wisconsin, right? Where? That's not SO far... maybe we can arrange for a chicago area playdate...meet halfway-ish.

    Jeannie, I am curious about the Gel too...

  8. What fun! Keep up the good work!

  9. Love these Melanie! Is the fairy also covered with the resin or did you just set her in there after the resin was poured. Any trouble with air bubbles?

    And by the way, love the idea for doming the blanks!

    Thanks so much for sharing and educating us!


  10. Shannon,
    the fairy is almost completely submerged in the resin. You might be able to see the tip of her wing peeking out...

    There was surprisingly little trouble with air bubbles with the Ice Resin! I haven't used resin before, but that is one of the things I had heard about resin in general. I was able to pop any that rose to the surface with a toothpick pretty easily. I was very pleased with how easy it was to work with, and I had a lot of pendants to fill!

  11. Thay's beautiful,Melanie.I hope I can do that good,doubt it.Good luck to you!