June 26, 2009

Under Where?

The other day, I snapped a picture of this box full of Steam Stones I needed to sand for one of my orders. I am happy to report that I finished it yesterday, although I still have almost 200 more to make. I bisque fired them last night and spent some time this morning with my coffee, sitting outside sorting them. I was confused and disappointed to find that my numbers were off. I am terrible with numbers, but something really wasn't adding up. I came inside and looked around and found another box of them (already sanded, yay!) hiding under my couch! Seriously, I can't even keep track at this point! lol. Beads everywhere!

So while I spend the rest of the morning looking for more beads under the furniture, I thought I would leave you with news about Rings and Things new contest. They are giving away $50 gift certificates to the winners of their Product Review contest. Seriously! The chance for free bead money just for reviewing some of their products, how awesome is that? Hop on over to the Rings and Things blog for details.

Ok, I am off to work some more. I hope to spend today making beads with friends around. I had enough of yesterday's storm and staying locked up and gloomy with all the sad news, like MJ's death. He was one of my first crushes, and some of the first music that I loved and called "my own". It's been great to hear all the old tunes over the last day... some great music from that man over the years.


  1. Oh I agree...such a sad day. But hearing all the favorites really seemed to lighten my mood. I do hope we continue to have MJs music in rotation. Those beads look like so much fun. I am not at all aware of the process it takes you to make these, so I enjoy seeing the raw state. But what a lot of work! Makes me realize how precious the ones I have from you really are, and I will be reminded of the fact that your hand touched them many times over. Enjoy the day! Erin

  2. That is a lot of work, amazing!
    I can't believe that MJ is gone, he was a great talent!