June 22, 2009

Shopping Spree and New Work

Me and my roomie have been working SO hard lately, getting so much done to make the house and studio better! Its really amazing how much can be done with some motivation and hard work. I can't believe it's only been a week, and so much has changed around here! We got rid of a bunch of old junk over the weekend, and today, took a trip out to Ikea for a shopping spree and got some new stuff to take its place. Mostly kitchen stuff, as the work in there will continue and hopefully be finished soon. Whee!

Otherwise, I have been grinding away at the big orders I am working on. I sanded 360 Steam Stones tonight! woo hoo! I love seeing these big piles of beads. But I have a lot more to work on, so I better get back to it...

I listed four new Openwork Esutcheons in the Earthenwood Etsy shop. These have the Toolbox Treasure textures on them, and they were really fun to make. They were very popular at the Bead & Button show, and I only have a few left right now, all up on Etsy

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  1. Oh I love these!! I have to get one but I can't decide which one!!! AGGHH!