June 9, 2009

I am back!

I had a successful trip to Bead & Button and it was a generally good show. A few ups and downs and bumps along the way, but overall, it was a great trip. I am still absolutely exhausted from the long hours and the drive, along with feeling a bit unwell, but I am getting things put away and getting ready to move on to the next big things! That's about all the energy I have for tonight, but I will share this delightful picture that Jean Campbell took of me in my booth. I look smiley, don't I? hee! Will be back blogging soon, I have many new things to show!


  1. I hope you're feeling okay! It was GREAT to see you! I was feeling pretty bad there, but my allergies were killing me. Now that I'm back in New York I'm perfectly cleared up. Strange how a geographic location can do that to a person!

  2. I know how you feel! It was great seeing you at the show! I loved all your goodies, especially the focal pendants!

  3. Andrew, yes it is strange how geography effects us. I was more effected by the food in Milwaukee. I found it hard to find anything healthy to eat, most of the time. bleh.

    Cynthia, it was great to see you, as always! You looked great and so did lil Azalea. I am glad you liked my beadies, thanks!

  4. I really enjoyed meeting you Melanie! I loved your display. I am plotting what to do with your faboo beads, especially that keyhole pendant (shh...that one is just for me!) I know about the food...especially in a convention center. But we Wisconsinites are all about the cheese, beer and brats, aren't we? (A tad too attached). Glad you are feeling better. Get some rest and keep making pretty things!
    Enjoy the day! Erin