June 23, 2009

Going Loopy!

Despite yesterday's trip out of the house to Ikea, I have still been feeling a bit stir crazy, with all the work being done at the house. So I took another afternoon out of the house! I went to Lansing with my brother, to work on clearing out some more of his studio. Well, he did all the work, I just came along for the ride. But I did work during the three hour ride there... I made "loopy things", What are those? They are the little tiny loops of high temperature wire that are inserted into the clay to make them into charms and pendants. Loopy things are fired right into the clay, so they are a permanent part of the charm. But the loops start out as just a roll of thin wire, and I need to make them into the right shape and size that I need. It's sort of a mindless task that needs to be constantly done, as I make lots and lots of charms. So its my standard take-along task to do... I just need my two pairs of pliers, a few spools of wire, and my little magnetic topped box to keep them in! Hours worth of fun for me! Anyway, I made about three hours worth of loopy things today, and I thought I would take a picture of what that actually looks like above. Whee!


  1. Next time you come up to Lansing, I'd LOVE to have you stop by my shop! Cool Moon Creations & Beads - you may even see a few familiar "faces" - as I have used many Earthenwood faces and accents in my designs.
    And it still amazes me that so many people can do things like the loopy things - and beading -in a moving car! I am so NOT one of those people. ALL of my beading and busy work takes place on solid UNMOVING ground!

  2. I couldn't help but think how "glamorous" it is to make jewelry.

  3. that's a lot of loops :) it's good to use time productively like that. i couldn't do anything in a moving car without getting motion sickness, blah