June 24, 2009


So, it's summer now, eh? whew! It's been very hot and humid lately. I am very grateful for central air. I can also tell it's summer from all of the creepy crawly guys hanging around the house lately. Especially with all the moving we have been doing, with the doors open, and old furniture and stuff being moved around in the basement. We were visited by a giant house centipede last night. Zoey the Dog tried, but was not able to protect us from it. My brother's shoe had to do the job. *smack*squish*splat* ewww. *shudder* I hate those centipedes!

Not much else to report, just makin' beads and gettin' stuff done. I don't think I shared this necklace I made for a friend before, with the Clockwork Scarab pendant. I have been thinking of her and her hubby lately, as he is in the hospital getting better from an operation. I found the picture in my file, and just listed some new Scarabs in the Etsy shop.

The power just went out a couple of times, so I turned everything off for a while, and am listening and waiting for the storm seems to be moving in. There is sort of a weird and quiet calm right now, and I am enjoying experiencing it. I guess my plans of kiln firing can be put on hold for a day, as I would hate to run it and have it interrupted by a power failure. Guess I will just enjoy the silence and get back to making beads and snuggling with the puppy.


  1. Love your version of a scarab and the way you designed the necklace. Have you seen my favorite faiance scarab at the DIA? Beautiful blue with large wings, like a ceremonial breast plate. Miss that piece :(

  2. oh it has been way too long since I have been to the DIA! I really need to take a trip, so much great art there.

  3. I really like the color and the design with the two holes and small washers (?)