May 18, 2009

Warm Fuzzies

Very, very busy around here. The Bead & Button show is coming up so quickly! I have no time to spend writing very thoughtful posts, as I am making beads all day long, as much as I can. Last week was a rather hard week, but the weekend was full of friends and warm fuzzies, and it was just what I needed to push me ahead into this crunch time!
Speaking of warm fuzzies, I would like to share a necklace I made a couple of weeks ago, The round beads with my Gear Nut pendants are really fun. They are velvet flocked beads, and they are so elegant and soft feeling. Ok,thats about all I have time for tonight! Back to work for a little bit before I hit the warm fuzziness that is my BED! mmm sleep.


  1. Great piece, Melanie! Aren't those fuzzy beads the best? I have a ridiculous number of them. I figured I wouldn't know when I'd see them again...

  2. who sells these fuzzy beads? I've only seen them at michaels in a steel blue color.

  3. I wasn't sure about those fuzzy beads, but they look great with your beads. Wishing you a good show at B and B. I'm not going this year, heading out to Arizona to see my new nephew.

  4. I love this! Everything about it is fabulous - the color combo, the fuzzy beads, your Gear Nut pendants. The look is wonderful.

  5. Looking forward to finding you at the B&B show! I love your gears and keys and other such components. I think I did see those fuzzy beads at Michaels on a clearance rack?!?
    Thanks for sharing the fun!
    Enjoy the day!

  6. Jean, Yes, they are really neat! I had to have them too. Hope to see more like this on the market.

    Lorelei, I have seen them at Joann's and Michaels. I think I got mine late last year at Michaels.

    Fab Fibers, aw, I am going to miss you. Poop. I hope I will see you this summer sometime!

    Kristin, Thanks so much!

    TesoriTrovati, YAY! definitely come say HI! Yep, you can probably find them on clearance now.