May 14, 2009

Taking Time Out

Working from home, and creating my own schedule (which can often consist of: work-all-the-time except for eating and sleeping) creates days that can vary wildly from what I try to plan when I start my day. Today I woke up planning to glaze all day and then fire a big kiln. As I was glazing, I started to get distracted by two jars of Raku glaze that I bought, and started to plan a trip to the supply store to get some items I need to start this new process. I even thought for a few fleeting moments about setting up the kiln outside and giving it a test this afternoon!

Well, things changed rapidly as the morning evolved, as they sometimes do for me, and a dear friend needed some help, so I ended up spending most of the day at the hospital, helping her get patched up from a fractured ankle. She was in amazingly good spirits and we had just about as much fun as you can have in an emergency room. Of course, I kept her entertained by describing details of the Raku firing process (wha? what do you mean "captive audience"? hehe)

If I have learned anything in the past year, it is the value of friendship, and the importance of taking time out whenever possible, to reach out to good friends, especially in times of need. I know I had my friends picking me up when I was down at some of my lowest points over the last several months, and it is something I had not experienced so strongly before. It is quite an awesome thing. And today did not go as planned, by any stretch of the imagination, but it was time very well spent.

Oh, and the pictures today are of the new watch I made, using a leather cuff kit from Tandy Leather, a watch face, two of my small square gear Steam Stone links, and a few beads. I really love this watch, its super chunky and a bit steamy and masculine. Get the correlation? Time Out... wrist watch.. get it? Oh I am so clever when I am sleepy, huh?


  1. You are where you need to be! The watch is just such a good idea. So much of what most of us design is very gender biased. If you want to talk techie, just pop on over. I'm currently experimenting with bronze. And the surface effects have a lot in common with raku (I think) Cheers, LeAnn

  2. ooh bronze! thats fun!

    I did some Raku in college and loved it. It was just not right for the work I have been doing since, because I have needed consistency. But now that I am working on some new one of a kind pieces, I have more flexibility. I am excited to play in this way!

    thanks, I might have some tech questions as I go along...

  3. I can't wait to see what you do with raku.

    And I hope that your friend heals quickly. That sounds like a miserable injury, so it was good of you to keep her company.

  4. What a great watch - I love cuff watches and bracelets! I agree - we all need to stop once in a while and realize the importance of our loved ones. It's hard to do when life is so busy!

  5. OMG! I LOVE your stuff!!! What a fantastic artist you are. You are SOOOO going on my blog list :)

  6. Me and my hubbie drug my little kiln out to the backyard a few months ago to do some raku and have not done any other firing since. Raku has captivated us :)
    So yes drag that kiln outside you are in for some great fun!