May 1, 2009


Yay! The time has come for Penguicon! Its a bit like a vacation, but I am doing a bunch of demos and panels and work for it. But it is work filled with friends and fun, so its all good! I don't plan to post again the rest of the week, so I will leave you with a picture of a new necklace and a list of some of my panels that I am doing tomorrow and Sunday. Enjoy your weekend!

Yep, That's Steampunk

So what is this thing called Steampunk, and how does it relate to fashion, costuming, and art? Steampunk can incorporate many mashups of fashion styles from Victorian and other historical periods, military and uniforms from the past and present, punk and goth elements, and futuristic and fantasy motifs. Join us to discuss some of the concepts and trends that we have seen as object, fashion, and art styles and gather ideas about how to incorporate a little steam into your wardrobe and life.

Prop Weapons, Nerf Modifications

Ready. Aim. Fire! Join us for a show and tell and discussion group centered around handcrafted prop weapons created for costume and staged events. The panelists will bring a variety of weapons that they have made, and will answer questions and talk about the various methods used to create them. Examples will include everything from basic steampunk Nerf Gun mods to hand carved wood and metal Old West style guns to hand forged Samurai style swords and steel knives. Bring your own handcrafted weaponry (peace tied at Ops beforehand, please) to show off and your works in progress and ideas to discuss and brainstorm too.

Metalwork Demo and Discussion

Have you ever seen something made of metal and wonder how it's made? Ever see a pewter or brass or steel accessory for a costume and dream about adding it to your costuming closet? Come hear about some basic metalsmithing techniques that can be used for improving your costumes. Discussion and demonstration by a professional metalworker and artist in the jewelry field.

and of course, the Masquerade!~

Come! Participate in an evening of costuming, entertainment, and showmanship! This years special category is Steampunk to delight and inspire one and all to board their airships and travel to an alternate world of high Victorian culture and steam power! (Or you can just bask in the awesomeness of all the cool goggles and rayguns.) The Masquerade begins in the Ballroom Saturday night. If you are daring enough to participate, your devoted and brilliant team of crafty costume geeks collectively known as the Whizbang Theatre Federation will expertly guide you through this year's Masquerade. The Whizbangers are excited to show you a jolly good time! We have a variety of categories, for young and old, beginner and expert alike! We are also proud to present a pile of great prizes for the best costumes including gift memberships and other cool Penguicon Swag.

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  1. Oh, it sounds like Penguicon is going to be so awesome! I wish I could be there. Have a GREAT time!