May 21, 2009

New Toolbox Treasures, Two

Wow, thank you all for the comments and support over these new pendants! I think this is a good direction, based on those responses. Here are three more of the large pendants, like the ones I posted yesterday. A bit less colorful; this is how I originally imagined them. But I really love the extra colors that I added in the ones I showed yesterday, so I think there will be a mix. That is the fun thing about these... they are all different and very unique, and I can play and experiment with them. They are all going to be around the same size, in the 1.5 to 2 inch range, and all with a top hole and large gunmetal jump ring, but otherwise, I want to make them all very different. I need some variety and playtime in the clay, and this helps me do that. It's very refreshing!

Ok, back to the clay for another full day of work ahead of me. This morning, I am making birds and Terra Trinkets for stock, but tonight I hope to play more in the Toolbox.


  1. These are great! How do you get your glazing so perfect????

  2. Thanks! I guess I think about the glazing during the making, where most of the work is done. Most of the detail gets done there, and then the glaze gets painted on and wiped off, so the form itself needs to be strong. I am a much better form-maker than glaze-painter. I also really know my glazes well, and know how they will interact. Hope that helps!

  3. Those are cute, especially the center one with the partial clock.