May 19, 2009

Heart Filled Day

Another busy day, and it is not nearly done yet. Above is what I did this evening: worked on the pre-ordered Bound Hearts until my fingers were raw and I could barely stand to look at them anymore. I am waiting for tomorrow's shipment of square crystals to finish these and the other two that I had to abandon. So I should be able to ship them all out tomorrow, as promised.

This morning I also finished glazing new work and stuff for orders and loaded and am firing TWO kilns! Whee! I planned badly though, as I meant to fire them last night and ran out of time. I had to miss going out to see the new Trek movie tonight with friends so I could stay and work. *pout* Ah well, I knew that I would not have a lot of time before the Bead & Button show to socialize much. I have all summer for that sort of fun. *sigh*

Tonight, after dinner, I am making MORE hearts, of the punky Memento Mori variety. I set up a schedule for all the rest of my clay days until Memorial Day, and today is the day of hearts. That's all I have to write for now, its time to finish the pasta and get cracking on the clay work.

1 comment:

  1. I heart your bound hearts! Always enjoy that metaphor and looking for the key to unlock the constriction :)