May 13, 2009


Today has been a full day of work, hands in the clay all day long, chilling on the couch. I am not feeling so well and am achey, and it has been kinda gloomy and rainy most of the day, so it was a good day to stay in and work. I am starting to make some progress on my inventory for the Bead & Button show. ooh, one highlight of my day was getting my shipment of Vintaj Brass! whee. I am looking forward to working with it, and making more of the new Filigree Moon Face pendants, like the one shown above, along with the rest of my favorite designs. I am also now able to offer the popular Bound Heart pendant that I blogged about the other day. I have listed several of them as pre-orders on Etsy, I have just about everything I need, I just need to make the time to work them up, so this is a good time to order if you would like one! Well thats all i have to ramble on about tonight. I hope to feel better tomorrow and have more motivation to do other things, but today was at least a pretty productive sick day. bleh.


  1. Hope you are feeling well soon. Oh, and happy to hear I'm not the only one who works on the sofa!

  2. She's lovely - the eyes are excellent - thanks for sharing - peace for all

  3. It's as though the pendants were made to match the brass. Lovely.