May 7, 2009

Drooly Day

Today I am partaking in two things I have been craving since last week before Penguicon. The first is diving into the order of Vintaj brass that I ordered and received over the weekend. ooh, it was so hard to play catch up with work and not just take these up to the studio to play with! Yeah, I drool about metal, so what? hee. These are mostly pieces that I haven't used before, so they will take some fussing and creativity to use. The possibilities are endless! I am excited to work with them. I want to wrap a few of the metallic hearts in new ways, because they seem to be a really great finished item, and if I get enough distinct styles, I think I can present it as a class. *bounce bounce* its playtime now!

The other craving I have had is for sushi. Now, I am a newbie to sushi, really. I am not really into fish at all, but I love the rice and nori and wasabi and ginger. I really have enjoyed the roll-your-own parties we have had because I can pick what else I want, but I have never really seen kinds at the stores that I will eat the way they are packaged. I have also been a bit intimidated by going to the sushi bar and asking questions and ordering on my own. But the craving was too much today! I headed to Noble Fish, and a very helpful young man asked me what I liked and made some suggestions. I had a carrot, cucumber and avacado roll, and a tofu and green onion roll. OMG they were so good! Now I feel a little more comfortable and will definately order again. (any suggestions for non fishy ingredient combinations? I like the idea of cream cheese and colored peppers as well) I think I would have liked something else in the tofu and onion one, maybe some more carrot? Ooh and the fresh ginger and wasabi was so good! wow that stuff can be spicy! mmm. Also I bought some sushi rice to make my own, along with some Miso soup base (need a recipe there too). So I may be experimenting with that soon.

ok, thats enough babbling for today, time to play with metal! whee!


  1. A lot of places will have a veggie roll, which will have things like avocado, cucumber, carrots, sprouts, and maybe some pickled radish or something like that, and sometimes also cream cheese. Our favorite sushi place here in town also has a Hawaiian roll, which is chicken, pineapple and cream cheese rolled in rice and seaweed, then battered, tempura fried, and drizzled with teriyaki sauce. It's delicious!

    Now I want sushi, darn it...

  2. Dave isn't a seafood person, but he loves sushi - go figure. We aren't big into the raw type - and usually stick with California rolls, crab rolls, Philly rolls, crunchy tuna, and some other specialties from our local Sushi restaurant.

    One thing that I had stayed clear of - just because of when I think of it - it grosses me out - but I was mistaken... is eel. Not quite sure which roll I had, but it was cooked - it had a sweet crunchy flavor/texture - and not fishy at all...

    Make sure to go with some friends too where you can possibly try one of their pieces instead of getting an entire roll. Rolls with Spicy Mustard have been pretty good luck for us too!

  3. Yes, eel is super delicious and you would never think so beforehand! eel & egg preferably..
    Where I live, There are 10 sushi places to every 1 non sushi place! I no longer eat raw sushi so I have been eating veggie only sushi (except for cooked fish/eel/egg, etc) , but see if your guy can make you a spider roll (do u eat crab?) or a tempura roll if you eat shrimp if not try to get a tempura "something" roll thats my fav!
    Miso soup from scratch?? Good luck!
    BTW, the seaweed makes fab reduction material for raku

  4. I love sushi too. Is it strange to say that, living in korea, i miss the sushi back home? It's true. Rolls like you see there are actually not 'real sushi' in the japanese style. The only 'real sushi' is the ones that is the raw fish on a slab of rice, or even with no rice. No seaweed. Being so close to japan there are none of the nice rolls.

    When i did live in canada, i loved the 'dragon roll'. Big tempura, avacado and cucumber... so tasty! If you see 'dragon roll' try that :).

  5. gah, I know this is way back in your archives, but I have to suggest my favourite sushi - deep-fried, battered yam rolls. only had them once, but they are amazing, and also fish-free!