May 5, 2009

Clockwork Scarab Slave Chain

I am still recovering from Penguicon, and trying hard to get back to work. I actually got some important stuff done today, including some shipping, some legal/copyright stuff, and glazing and firing a kiln. So that's pretty good! But I still don't have enough energy to post much, so here's another picture of some new work. This is a slave bracelet made for my new friend, the fabulous author Catherynne Valente! You may remember that her new novel and her character description were the inspiration for the Clockwork Scarab carving, and this is what I made for her with it. I had the pleasure of presenting it to her personally, when I met her for the first time at Penguicon last weekend, which was a real treat! Oh, and also, today is her BIRTHDAY! Happy birthday, Cat! *hugs*


  1. That's gorgeous! Lucky birthday girl :)

    I want to check out her book!

  2. I really, really loved this piece. I love the general shape of it! Is that shape of piece always called a 'slave chain'? The ring to the necklace... all conected with chain.... lovely. I was so inspired i had to make a 'slave chain' of my own. I love how it turned out. I'll be posting it soon, and i'll link you when i do.