May 6, 2009

Beads 2009!

With all the running around I have been doing, I almost forgot to post about my newest piece of press! I am in the special issue of Interweave's Beads 2009, out on bookshelves now! I have some beads in the editors' picks for Steampunk, and a full project as well! The piece above, Gears of Elegance, is in this issue, and it looks amazing. The photo is gorgeous (not the one above... that is the one I took) and I am very pleased with it. I created this necklace for myself for a very special event last fall... an elegant chocolate party which just happened to be on my birthday. I am very pleased that it made it in print, and it makes it extra special to have my personal memories intertwined with it, for all to see. It is always an honor to be apart of this special issue, and this year it is especially touching.


  1. Good job! I really think this is quite a nice issue!

  2. I saw your wonderful things in Beads 2009 and that necklace is beautiful. Ummm chocolate party, yummy. It's 8 am here is it too early for chocolate?