April 4, 2009


After visiting the antique shop the other day, we ventured next door to another antique shop, but one of a different variety. This one had all sorts of architectural details. There were piles of old windows, floor vents, doors, tin ceiling pieces, and other large pieces. That was neat to look through, but of course what caught my eye was the small details. In particular, the collection of beautiful old brass door hardware, door knobs, hinges, and handles. This interests me particularly now because my latest carvings are inspired by them. Now I am further inspired to think about making more.

I really need a better camera if I am going to be blogging from things I see on my adventures. The cell phone just doesn't do a great job getting the quality that I need. This is something I think I need to invest in, once I get all my tax checks and real life payments written and sent off.

I am writing this on Friday to publish tomorrow. I have a fun evening ahead that I am sure I will want to talk about in my next entry! So I wanted to write this one and save it while the memory is fresh. Tonight, it is off to the Smart Shop, where the Art Hop is taking place. Squee! Fun!


  1. They're all beautiful!

    My brother and I both have PowerShots that we use to take photographs of all kinds of random stuff and we love them. Joe (my bro) even gets great shots of moving flames.

  2. I am a door hardware junkie! These are beautiful.