April 17, 2009

Twiddling my Thumbs

I am impatiently waiting an order from one of my favorite suppliers, Rings & Things. It's full of fun new stuff for me to play with! Squee! But alas, they are practically on the other side of the country, and in my stalking to track the package, it looks like it hit some bad weather so I might not get it until next week. Its beady torture! I kind of planned to spend the latter part of the day beading. *pout* I suppose I can still do that, but I won't have new shinies to play with. I could clean up my space, in anticipating of a feverish work session next week, but meh. We will see...

I got the first batch of medallions for the Penguicon Masquerade fired. One is shown above. This time with my hand in the picture, to show you the scale. Kinda too big for jewelry, but I am working on shrinking it down a few sizes for a pendant. That takes a long time and many firings, so stay tuned! Anyway, I am really pleased with the glaze, which is a dull metallic pewter, and I love how it works with the iron tan of the stoneware. I couldn't be more happy with these!


  1. Fantastic! Love the metallic and tan!

  2. Me too! The metalic and tan is great. Oh and never clean when you can find at least one other thing to do :)

  3. Gaea, Thanks! I love this combo too, and am tempted to try some beads in it!

    heh, yeah thats right about the cleaning. What *was* I thinking???

  4. Hey Melanie, that's a rad chunka ceramic for those projects that call for some heft. Or how about a unique door knocker? I'm so sorry our shipment to you is waylaid. But as SummersStudio hinted, you always have great projects in the works, so I don't foresee any cleaning in your future :)

  5. Really beautiful! Don't you hate waiting! Thats the worst, spinning not wanting to clean,but you know you should, if not just to pass the time waiting for your beautys from "Rings & Things!" Congrates, can't wait to see the results!

  6. Dave,
    Thanks! Yeah I have always been interested in home decor and hardware ceramic items. I used to make a lot more tiles, but have had to focus in on the beads more. Only so much time in one day!

    yep, hopefully I will get my package tomorrow! It must have weathered some storm!

    I am pleased that I was able to do a good mix of cleaning AND playing over the weekend. *patting self on back*

  7. You go with whatever it is you are doing...It all looks fantastic..