April 16, 2009

Sick Day /Play Day

I took a little blog break yesterday, as I was feeling pretty crummy. I spent the day sleeping in and then lounging the couch watching tv and squishing clay around for the rest of the day and evening, with my big snuggly blanket and heating pad. I am feeling much better today! One of the things I did yesterday was make some brand new pendants. I have been mulling these around for a while, after seeing the antique porcelain keyhole plates in a shop in Kalamazoo when I visited. I loved that they were made of clay, and they were bead sized. I was tempted to buy them and make jewelry from them, but I thought it would be even better to be inspired by them somehow, so I filed the idea away for a rainy day.

Below, are the pendants I made. They are unfired and unglazed. I made the keyhole cut out with a tiny cookie cutter that I bent from thin sheet metal, and the outside shape is from a square cookie cutter that I altered. They are a little fragile to work with in the raw and dry clay, with all the holes, but I only broke two while sanding. These will definitely be a small run of pendants, as they are too finicky for a regular production item, but they sure are fun! I think they will be glazed mostly in dark metallic glazes. I am looking forward to getting some fired and finished.

oh, and the picture above was taken in my new photo area, in the upstairs studio. I am still working on adjusting the lighting and space, but it looks promising so far.