April 25, 2009

Saturday Spotlight: Lorelei Eurto does Steampunk

ooh! Look at the cool steamy necklace that designer Lorelei Eurto posted today using one of my triple gear discs! I love the way she used the central hole of this donut style disc to make it into a pendant. Very inventive! And her choice of hematite discs with the tiny green seed bead details is really cool. The wire spiral cages surrounding the clear beads are a great touch. They remind me of some fantastical Tesla like energy source that appears to be powering the necklace...it makes it look alive! ALIVE! Nicely done, Lorelei! Check out her blog post about this bead for more pictures and details.


  1. thanks for mentioning me today! wahooo!!

  2. That's quite an awesome effect! The bead pattern gives a nice industrial feeling to the whole piece.

  3. Wow, that makes me want to change genres...That is outstanding. Fit for a Borg queen or Aunty Entity (Tina Turner's character in Beyond Thunderdome)! I love the industrial theme with the focal.