April 20, 2009

Product Playtime: Lava Stone from Rings & Things

Today I have a new necklace to show, one that I made this morning. I used the deliciously earthy rotund saucer shaped Brown Lava Beads that came from Rings and Things. I love this round saucer shape, especially when used with the lentil shaped Clockwork Scarab bead, which is sort of the same shape, just positioned on its side. I think the mud like look of the lava beads is a great match conceptually with the Scarab design, since the Scarab is so associated with the earth and mud. I also like the way the dark and aged looking brass works with the Lava beads and the metallic of the gear links and the Scarab. I think that the white of the porcelain really stands out in this piece, showing off the designs in a really complimentary way. Overall, I am very pleased with this piece. It's maybe a bit too symmetrical, though, so I think that the next piece I want to do something more unusual. We shall see tomorrow!
By the way, the round Steam Stone gears and the Allegory Orbs have made it up to the Earthenwood website, on a brand new page! They are all available in three color choices. I had to say goodbye to one of my lines of beads (the Snack Charms) for a little while to make room for these, but it was time to move on for a while, to work on something new. I am also looking forward to adding to this line, and just bought a book today about symbolism and magical and alchemical symbols in art history, which I am hoping will inspire me when I start this new research.


  1. It's hard for me to not do symmetry so I don't see anything wrong with this piece! I can't wait to see what new designs you come up with in this line!

  2. Melissa,
    I agree, asymmetry is really challenging for me as well, but I really enjoy it, so I keep working at it. Thanks! I have three more animal ideas in mind so far!

  3. You're so lucky to have all those custom-made beads on hand. It's just a matter of finding complementary components, and you've done that well with this scarab necklace. (Nice of you to compare the lava beads' look to mud or earth; I've heard of scarabs pushing around globes of other materials!) :)


  4. Dave,
    Yeah as I was writing I thought, wait! I am not comparing these delighful beads to um, poop... am I? That's not very complimentary! hehe. They are quite awesome.

    Yeah I am a bead addict from way back. Needed so many beads, I had to start making my own. Still want more! haha

    And my R&T order arrived today, so I am really excited to get to play more soon!

  5. I really enjoy what you did with your fabulous lava beads here. How very cool to have those materials to work with. I can only imagine how awesome it must look in person with the aged brass. Very cool ideas.

    I also have trouble working asymetrical... it is easy to get your head caught in the box of working symetrical. Working asymetrically in a visually pleasing way is deffinately not easy. Good luck with that in future endevors!

  6. Wow, you can really get your druid priestess on with that pendant. I have just the outfit to go with it...