April 29, 2009

Product Playtime: Hope Bird

I crafted this quick necklace using some of the new Dark Indigo Swarovski crystals from Rings and Things and one of my Message Sticks and a Sea Bird link. The Dark Indigo crystals are indeed very dark, almost black really, but just enough blue to let the light through for a very subtle effect. I don't work with blues very frequently, so I was a bit puzzled with how to use these. But this brings up a technique that I often use when thinking about color... I think that you can make any color go with any other color, if you do it right. For me, it has to do with repetition. So I chose the peacock and seafoam colors, which are much lighter than the Dark Indigo, and by repeating the darker color inside patterns of the lighter colors, evenly throughout the focus points of the necklace, the color blends through and doesn't seem like an unlikely choice to use. By repeating the darker color in the center, and moving out to the sides, the eye moves along naturally, taking the whole piece in without stopping at a jarring or out of place color. I only had 5 crystals to work with, so this is the technique I used to solve this design problem, and I feel like it was successful. At least I *hope* it was... giggle.


  1. I absolutely love this! What a perfect necklace and absolutely gorgeous for spring!

  2. Wow, you really got into the tao of dark indigo here. :) It works so well alternating with those greens... And here I thought sending you 5 crystals would mean you'd just look at 'em, not use 'em! Good going, Melanie.

    (@Rings_Things on Twitter)

  3. Beautiful piece. :)

    The way you incorporated them also shows how to make a little bit of crystal go a long way.

    Great job!

  4. very very pretty! I love the look of your necklace here. The vines really do it for me. Where did you get those??

  5. Dale, The vines come from Rings and Things, and I love them too!