April 3, 2009

The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it...

Yesterday I spent some time wandering around an Antique shop in Kalamazoo. There were many sources of temptation in the store! I chuckled at the little strip of paper with the Oscar Wilde quote that makes up today's post title, because it was very true for me in that moment!

There were many items that inspired me for my steampunk costume. Since my steam persona, Alycia Von Kylnfyre, works with fire, I am always looking for fire related items, particularly interesting antique ones. The carved wooden bellows above really tugged at my tempted heart strings. Hmm, maybe I should have picked it up. Its a ver unusual item and I think I might need to start a small collection of them for my dad.

ooh, i really wanted this item! It is an old brass fire extinguisher! It was very heavy and wonderfully aged. I really wanted it, but couldn't justify spending over $50 for it, sadly. There were all sorts of other things that I would have liked, in particular the old keys and rusty metal things. I also liked the typewriter below, but I know I will find one someday with glass keys that will really call out to me.

As I type this, from the comfort of a homey, leather couch, I am feeling very relaxed and happy, and newly inspired. Much more fun and inspiring stuff planned for tonight and tomorrow, so I will update you again soon!


  1. That fire extinguisher is nothing short of awesome!

  2. Did you get the mannequin???

  3. AJ, yeah the extinguisher was a huge temptation!

    Carmi, hehe nope, the mannequin is not really my style, but I liked it next to the Oscar Wilde sign.

  4. i just found one of those fire extinguiser with a wall hanger