April 13, 2009

Loose Ends, Loose Keys

I made all the Key Medallions that I needed yesterday for the Masquerade prizes, plus a few extras. I am not exactly sure how I will glaze them, so the extras will come in handy for testing. I should be able to fire a few tomorrow. On top of making those, I have been getting a bunch of other things done. Making beads for stock, making new molds, answering emails, listing stuff in the Etsy shop (LOTS of new stuff in the Etsy shop, I did it on Easter!) I am also getting some personal stuff done that is really tedious, for example, changing my name back to my birth name at the Secretary of State (DMV), on my voter registration, and at Social Security. Long lines and waiting with masses of people with piles of paper...not my favorite activities... but I am slowly getting it done, and I am pleased about that. I have a very long list of loose ends like that, and I actually wrote it down, instead of relying on the list in my brain, so it feels like a real accomplishment when I cross things off of it. So anyway, this is a bunch of random babble today, I guess. *shrug* some days are just like that. whee!


  1. I love lists. I love crossing things off lists. I even put things on lists that are recently done so I can cross them off. Best wishes for getting your list crossed off. Love the glazed medalion piece!

  2. hehe, yeah thats the first thing I put on my lists, the things I just accomplished, so i could cross them out. lol!

  3. i am also a listmaker. It really does feel good to cross things off the list, and have a nice paper with everything crossed off in the end... or at least i am assuming it would haha.

    I love that intense green on the key. So shimmery! Great job.