April 24, 2009

Keyhole Cutouts

A very quick post tonight, because it is bothering me that I didn't blog today. Yes, I know I am ridiculous. But I need to discipline myself to be in the practice of blogging every day that I can, or else I just lose momentum. So here is a picture of some new shinies. Heh, except they are not really all that shiny. They are pretty dark and grungy, in fact, but thats how I like things sometimes. These are the new cutout keyhole pendants, and I love them! I already made a necklace with one and wore it today! I will show you soon, and will list some on etsy soon too. But for now, it is time to sleep. A hard day of work in the beautiful outdoors, and then fun with friends...I am a sleepy girl now.


  1. Very cool...Can't wait till they are up on Etsy...I already have a couple of thoughts running through my mind :o)

  2. All the stuff in the Etsy shop is just gorgeous!!! I love the new escutcheons... I can see some really stunning possibilities with them.