April 11, 2009

The First of the Key Medallions

The plaster mold for the key medallion was dry enough this morning, so I gave it a first pressing. Sometimes the first few don't turn out very well, but this one was quite nice. I used a red stoneware, the same one I use for my stoneware tiles. I will probably use a shiny pewter glaze with it to give it a metallic look. I think I will probably test out a few variations when I get them made. I took the picture above with two of my gear charms (3/4" round), to give a sense of scale. I know sometimes it gets confusing when I suddenly show a larger object with no sense of scale, so maybe this helps. I am really pleased with this piece and will likely want to make a bunch tomorrow. Might have to lug some clay to the family gathering for Easter. hehe. That would be completely unsurprising to them, honestly. It's what I do...

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