April 10, 2009

Favorite Things

I am posting earlier than I often do today. Hmm, I used to post in the mornings and afternoons but now I do it in the evenings, sometimes late at night. I guess the days get away from me. Anyway, tonight I am possibly going to one of my favorite places with one of my favorite persons! So a quick blog post, and I am off to walk the dog and do some errands before I leave. Above, a pic of the mold I poured for the key ornament. Wow, taking pictures of all white objects like dry porcelain and plaster is really difficult. Especially molds, where the image is in negative space and inverted. So the colors are a bit out of it there... I think you can see the image though. I am rather proud of the mold, its very clean and nicely done, so I thought I would share it. Its smaller than my usual molds too, so after last night in front of the heater, it should be ready to go tomorrow or the next day. Which is a good thing because I have to get moving on making these medallions before Penguicon. Not much time left, my friends!

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